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Bernedoodle Temperament

Sweet and loving, they are chill and wonderful. They are loyal and playful and can be trained with consistency. These are some of the most enchanting animals we have ever encountered. Lots of people report that they have no allergies to the Bernedoodle, although that is not universal so would really depend on the individual. They are smart and loyal and playful with just the right amount of chill.

Bernedoodle Coat Types

F1 Silky and Wavy

Generally, the poodles who are the parents of the F1 Bernedoodle are selected for the coat traits of both furnishings and curl., these balance the un-furnished straight fur of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Although some owners report regular grooming for their F1 many only need regular brushing and sanitary and footpad trimming. 

F1B Curly or Wavy

Again assuming that the Poodle parent of this pairing has both furnishings and curl genetics, half of an F1B litter should have Wavy coats inheriting the flat and straight coat from their Bernedoodle Parent. The other half will be more curly like a poodle, these will need more regular grooming than their wavy siblings.



Training a Bernedoodle can be very rewarding! They have the smarts of the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog chill lifestyle.

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