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What goes into creating an exceptional puppy? It all starts long before conception by ensuring that you are pairing the right dogs who are mentally and physically healthy, who have great life skills and are structurally compatible. These parent dogs need to have proper nutrition and socialization, as well as Health and Genetic Testing. Mom needs to be supported physically and emotionally through the entire gestational process to maximize the potential her offspring have.


How long does a dog pregnancy last? Gestation lasts for approximately 63 days and each segment has its own required input for puppies to thrive. After they are whelped safely, the first experiences of a puppy’s life can have a huge impact on the future. Starting at day 3, puppies should be exposed to mild stressors that will help the endocrine systems to develop in a robust and solid foundation (Early Neurological Stimulation). Sensory input is just as important: daily handling, stroking and cuddling, as well as grooming by mom, help the puppies to know how to interact with the world around them. Having an amazing foundation is incredibly important and its focus cannot be neglected.

How does a dog best learn to live in someone's home? Being a house dog really requires being raised in a home with a family. Exposure to all the smells, sights and sounds of a busy household will prepare growing puppies to thrive in a world full of noise and change. 


How is Doodle Belle Puppy preparing our puppies to come to your family? Every single one of our Program Animals lives in a home and is a cherished member of a local family. They are all indoor dogs who fully participate in the lives of their families. Daily interaction, love and care are the perfect recipe for a Forever Puppy. No one lives in a kennel or is treated as a number. Here at Doodle Belle Puppy, we are very proud of that distinction. Perfect puppies are our passion. One step at a time.


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