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Coming Soon:
Doodle Belle Puppy

Medium Bernedoodles
Liberty x Reed
expected to grow to ~60-70 lbs.
Ready for Home MAY 18TH

tri color female poodle
Bernese mountain dog male stud

Standard Aussiedoodles
Athena x  Wyndsor
expected to grow to ~35-50 lbs.
Ready for Home JUNE 4th

Australian shepherd red merle female
flier for stud poodle

Check back for Aussiedoodle, Poodle, and Bernedoodle Litters on the way!

We love our upcoming Litter Plan and are excited to share them with you.



Tips for finding the very best puppy for you!

  • Check Google for 'puppies for sale' 

  • Ensure images are not stolen by doing a web image search.

  • Expect to get what you pay for; those bargain puppies cost more in the long run

  • Ensure puppy is not required to be spayed or neutered too young

  • Check for genetic testing and information about the breeding dogs in the Program

  • Are the puppies home-reared? 

  • Are they inbred? 

  • Have they had veterinary care? 

  • Puppy should have some type of regular enrichment and socialization activities. 

  • Puppy should have had multiple worming treatments

  • Puppy should have at least one set of vaccinations

  • Breeder keeps puppy until at least 8 weeks old

  • Breeder supports the puppies and Owners for life

  • Ask to Face-Time or video call with your puppy (but not too often, breeders are busy raising your puppies to their best potential)

  • Ask for a Vet reference to confirm the Breeder is a client

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