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Doodle Belle Puppy

Available Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale from Pym x Rocko Ready to go home on Saturday, June 17, 2023

What's next?

Before you purchase your new puppy, think about whether or not you are ready. Think to the next 10-15 years and consider the following questions (also check out our Blog Post: Are You Ready??):

Is my home stable enough to bring a puppy into it? - If you are a renter, ensure that your landlord will approve you having a puppy. How easy would it be to find a different rental that will allow your pet? Remember that certain breeds have been barred by home insurance companies which would make it harder to find a place for you and your dog to live (ours are not on that list).

Do I have time and skills to potty train, obedience train and socialize this puppy in the incredibly important first few months it is with me? - Potty and behavioral training requires a lot of undivided attention and consistency. Do you have the time and energy to socialize and familiarize your new puppy to many different experiences and sounds and people?

Can I afford the basic health care, food, and unexpected veterinary costs included with a new family member? - These are all costs that will pop up with a dog, as well as things you may not have considered, like how much will it be to board the dog when you go on vacation? Will your new dog need doggy day care? 


Am I physically and mentally able to provide a good solid walk at least once a day? - Dogs who don't get exercise can become overweight, leading to many health problems. Dogs who don't get out are more likely to have issues with anxiety and destructive behaviors at home.


If, after considering the above, you think you are still ready for a dog, great! Let's proceed!!


With our current list (depending on puppies born) you are looking at probably Summer to Fall of 2022 litters that will go home around Fall or Winter of 2022, if you joined the list today.  It could be a bit sooner, but that is our conservative estimate.

In upcoming litters, we expect mostly Tri-Color Standard Bernedoodle puppies and some Tri-Color Medium Bernedoodle puppies, as well as some Standard Poodles. The wait could be longer for a Merle puppy.

They are all ready to leave their litter mates at 8 weeks of age. We keep them this long to help prevent later development of separation anxiety.

For your peace of mind, all of our puppies are Guaranteed, Family-Reared and not inbred, and come with first vaccination, worming, a Vet Clearance plus a "How To Raise a Bernedoodle" Puppy Manual.

We do our very best to match our new owners with a puppy that best fits their situation, this ensures that inexperienced owners or those with very small children don't end up with boisterous, high-energy dogs. We do find that most puppies raised in home and with our standard protocols test as suitable for any home but there are always exceptions.

As a breeder, we do everything we can possibly do to breed and rear our puppies to be the best family pets that money can buy - including planning for optimal temperament and health.

Family reared for great early socialization, so your puppy is properly prepared to become part of your family, this has been proven to reduce the likelihood of behavioral issues later in their lives!

Our puppy application collects information about you and your family, why you want a dog at this time and what your expectations of your puppy will be. We use the information to help match you to your perfect puppy. 


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